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Professor Takako enjoys her morning cuppa

Vampire: That was a poor decision. But I suppose you routinely make poor decisions.

Heliothaumic was an abandoned Science Fantasy webcomic by Nora Riley. Sadly, after around 280 strips and a partial reboot Nora realised that even she didn't know where she was going with the story and gave up on it. The domain it was hosted on has since expired and the archive is no longer available online.

The story has had three incarnations: The Midlands, Heliothaumic, and Iothera. All three focus on Silth/Takako, a 200-year-old half-elf researcher, and her friends, some of whom appear in more than one incarnation.

It is mostly about topless adventures in imperialism with Professor Kiyohara Takako. The plot is tangled, and complicated and has an emphasis on fashion and international politics. Also there are Moon Vampires.

Needs a Better Description.

Be warned that this webcomic is definitely NSFW.


Heliothaumic contains examples of:

Takako: I've survived your country's decaying rail infrastructure!

Example of: