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Webcomic / Ghosts Among The Wild Flowers

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No one knows for sure if the treasure is still out there,
but people still seek it out.
Only to find...
Ghosts among the wildflowers.

Ghosts Among the Wildflowers is a Web Comic by Ghost Wintersnow.

In this world, there is the legend of the Ghost Treasure. The legends are not clear on what exactly it is. Some claim it's a magical elixir. Others that it's an ultimate crafting material. Or maybe it's simply some very valuable loot. But it exerts an irresistible Call to Adventure for many.

The story follows a diverse collection of characters including two howlers (benign werewolves,) a monk that's actually a plant lifeform, a badass one-eyed treasure-hunter and her Cat Girl partner as fate throws them together in search of the treasure... one step ahead of The Empire that's also seeking it.

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  • Cat Girl: Julia, although not the usual cutesy anime style. She's more like an elegant panther or jaguar.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond: Gelasia, although she doesn't seem to adhere to any of the standard character traits for it.
  • The Empire: The Kingdom of Aurum seems to be getting set up as antagonists. Its ruler wants the Ghost Treasure for his son's sake and its minions are quite willing to detain and interrogate people about same.
  • Jive Turkey: Gelasia is usin' some of this when she's speakin', callin' things "jivin'" and cuttin' off the ends of her suffixes like this.
  • MacGuffin: The Ghost Treasure. No two legends agree on what it is, let alone where. Apparently the deer spirit Gelasia befriended is a "compass" for finding it, so Aurum's soldiers are gunning for the little guy.
  • Our Werebeasts Are Different: "Howlers" are benign and not man-eaters, although they're still subject to some Fantastic Racism. They also have neon-colored tongues and eyes and need to laugh to transform. Milly busts out a fake mustache and monocle and does a silly impersonation of a Quintessential British Gentleman when she and Gelasia need to change.
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  • Royalty Super Power: Turning into a dragon is a power of the royal line of Aurum. The current king's son can't, and he has his forces scowering the land for the Ghost Treasure in the hope it may cure this problem and prevent a Succession Crisis
  • What a Piece of Junk: When Julia shows Victoria the airship she just purchased, Victoria initially lambasts it as an old junkheap.
    Julia: Haunted? Ha-ha very funny...
    Victoria: I'm serious, dang ol' rickety run-down boat must be chock full of ghosts... and I can't imagine it being worth more than the dirt it stands on.
    Victoria: When do you suppose we set off?
    Julia: Once you're done insulting it...