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Garnet and Gure started as a twice-weekly webcomic of the Two Gamers on a Couch variety. It made its start in November 2009 as a weekly feature on, and in March 2011 it made the transition to the front page of a small comics site called Bone Dragon Comics, where it started publishing on Tuesday and Saturday.

The strip follows the comedic adventures of Garnet Gardener and Gure Lewis, friends, roommates and occasionally partners in the Garnet and Gure Software Concern. Video gaming is a prominent theme for the characters, but over time there have been more and more forays into general nerd-dom, adult life and social topics.


As of March, 2012, the comic has expanded into a series of animated shorts..

The strip is currently on an indefinite hiatus while the hosting site is experiencing difficulties, but the cartoons continue.

It provides examples of:


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