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"What, who were you expecting to show up here on this picture, Moony?"

"OMG! Raphiel is DEAD!"
Masked, on Raphiel's death

Moonflash! What are you doing?
Fushia, said right before the chaos begins.

A collection of chaos, insanity, Coke, betrayal, love, fools, and odd endings!
Larka-Fell, summarizing the series.

Furr is a Flipnote Hatena series starring about the misadventures of six individuals known as "The Furr Club". Started in late 2009, Furr soon gained popularity among the fans. Founded by five eager creators, Furr was started as a shallow gag series, but soon developed far deeper and more complex plots as the series continued. Special mention goes to creator Simba1994-Burntfur for coming up with the very idea for the series and bringing it all together; and creator Larka-Fell for helping to keep the series alive, and for helping to bring it to were it now stands.

The "Furr Club" consists of:

  • Moonflash- A white furred warrior cat obsessed with consuming Coca Cola, often is overly hyper and has drastic mood swings from time to time.
  • Raphiel- A gray and white warrior cat who has the misfortune of always dying. He is often cheerful and likes to dance.
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  • Masked- A dark gray warrior cat who is a bit of a goof ball, and is obsessed with GIR.
  • Scarf- A crimson warrior cat that wears a scarf and googles. Is somewhat naive, and dimwitted.
  • Sora- A wolf cub who is very energetic and outgoing, often treats Fushia as her mother.

Other Main Characters include:

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