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The world is governed by divine beings that normal mortals cannot see, namely two races: The Divine Beasts and the Sages. One day the King of Sages, leader of the Golden Dragon Clan, passes on. He was supposed to leave the fragments of his powers to a small group of his trusted allies, but they were tragically betrayed by their fellow sages. Now the fragments of the King's divine sword have been scattered around earth, and any ordinary mortal unfortunate enough to pick one up winds up overwhelmed by their power.


Meanwhile, a young man named Baek Hwi Bom is living and working together with his brother so that they can support each other. Right now Baek works so his brother can go to school. One day, Hwi Bom comes home to find a man with the head of a white tiger in his apartment. This man claims to be the Byakko, one of the four celestial gods. Byakko explains that in his past life, Hwi Bom was the tiger that served as his earthly vessel. Now Byakko needs Hwi Bom to enact his will on earth once more, this time by fighting the traitorous sages and saving the world.


This work contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: One of the sages, who has yet to be named.
  • Bare Your Midriff: One of the above-mentioned sages.
  • Berserk Button: Don't mess with Hwi Bom's brother.
  • The Four Gods: They're rather goofy, believe it or not.
  • Transformation Sequence: A very quick and practical one for the Rangers. They get wrapped in energy that becomes armor themed after their patron god.
  • Reincarnation: All of the Rangers are reincarnations of the animals that had served as the vessels for gods in a previous life.

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