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Folks of the Forum is a Troper Works Stick-Figure Comic drawn and written by The Recreator. Featuring Internet communities living in a Constructed World based on the Internet, the story focuses on the antics of the LFTO (Let's Figure This Out) Network, a Wild Mass Guessing segment of the Rooster Teeth forums.

The comic follows two newbies as they attempt to join this group and integrate into public life on the Net: Snipes, a Deadpan Snarker with an overabundance of Pride, and Brooke, a relatively soft-spoken girl who joined the group to make friends. As these two start to make their way in the world, they get wrapped up in a plot involving a secret organization, another web group patterned off of Glorious Mother Russia, and plotholes that take them places without their knowledge.


The comic contains a fair number of inside jokes directed at posters on the Red vs. Blue forums in its early run, but quickly succumbs to Cerebus Syndrome as it attempts to develop a plot of its own.

The comic's art style is "heavily inspired" by the webcomic The Order of the Stick.

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