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Fallout Exiles

Vault 42 is an okay place to live. There's plenty of food and water, lot's of nice folks. It's in scenic Texas. And we've got a Chosen One to decide whether or not everyone leaves or stays. Now if only there was proper lighting in here.

Not quite the "chosen one" decides to leave without fulfilling his prophecy and things go downhill from there. He leaves the vault and wakes up two years later in the Mojave with a case of bullet induced Laser-Guided Amnesia and a huge facial scar. He quickly decides to find his missing memories and get back to Texas.


Fallout Exiles is a Fallout Fan Webcomic set partly in both the Mojave and Texan wasteland, drawn and written by resident troper AToastyStrudel. Like everything fallout related it is set After the End and has elements of The Apunkalypse. It follows Bright a vault-dweller from vault 42, Bonibell Hood a tribal Heroic Albino, and Snakebite a nightstalker, which if you're not familiar with Fallout is a mutant snake/coyote. The comic is currently in its infancy with only one chapter finished. However, it has not updated since 2012.


Tropes Include

  • Action Girl: Bonibell looks to be this judging by her appearance and her dispatching a giant snake.
  • After the End: Well it is Fallout related after all.
  • Art Shift: And how! The style shifts jarringly from cartoony to realistic.
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Bright, Bonibell Hood, and Snakebite.
  • Cool Pet: Snakebite as Nightstalkers are normally enemies.
  • Hand Cannon: Rare energy weapon example with Bright's Glock 86 Plasma Defender.
  • Heroic Albino: The white-haired, pale-skinned, red-eyed Bonibell Hood.
  • Shout-Out: One to Mad Max here
  • Tribal Face Paint: Bonibell has black lipstick with a red stripe down the middle.

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