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Elwood (formerly known as D.W.) is a Fan Webcomic based on the Arthur series released on DeviantArt by Vederick, with the first strip being released in 2015. It is a Fan Sequel to the series set four years after the time of the show, with D.W. and her friends now being in elementary school, and Arthur and his friends being in their teens.

The comic initially focused mainly on D.W. and her friends, but eventually expanded to focus on all of the characters from the original series.

Not to be confused with another Arthur Fan Webcomic of the same name by ElwoodGuy.

Elwood contains examples of the following:

  • Adaptational Sexuality: Mr. Ratburn is shown married to Paige Turner; this happens before the show established he was gay, [[note]]Although there is a possibility he is actually bisexual since the show never says he's gay, only shows him marrying another man. and the author decided not to make such a big retcon to try to match the comic's continuity with the show's.
  • Anywhere but Their Lips: D.W. and James kiss several times over the course of the webcomic, but always on the cheek. Good thing too, as they are only eight years old.
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  • The Big Damn Kiss: In the "Overdue" strip, D.W. decides to pay James back for the kiss he gave her four years ago by kissing him back. Aww! At the end of the "Play-Date" Story Arc, James returns the favor.
  • Call-Back: Some strips focus on resolving plot threads from the show, most notably the "Play-Date" arc, which focuses on resolving the Ship Tease between D.W. and James from the show.
  • Character Title: The comic was originally called "D.W.", but the name was changed to "Elwood" when it started focusing more on all the residents of Elwood City rather than just D.W. and her friends.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin: In the last panel of "Slumber Party Manic - Part 4", D.W. gives one that would even make The Grinch proud.
  • Continuity Nod: Given that the webcomic is a Fan Sequel to Arthur, there are naturally several small nods to events from that series.
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  • Fan Sequel: To Arthur.
  • Fantastic Racism: Crossed over with Furry Reminder. "D.W.'s Big Hit - Part 1" has a dog boy named Dennis making racist (speciest?) remarks towards an Original Character named Mallory Quackenbush for being a duck, leading to him being punched by D.W. for it.
  • Furry Reminder: In "D.W.'s Big Hit - Part 1", Dennis bullies Mallory Quackenbush specifically because she happens to be a duck.
  • Holding Hands: Part of a gag in the "Out of Hand" strip. James grabbed D.W.'s hand while watching a movie he found scary with her at the cinema without even realizing it, and after the movie ends, D.W. points out his grip on her hand and he snatches his hand away from her in embarrassment, only for D.W. to forcefully grab it again, stating that she actually didn't mind him gripping her hand.
  • Interspecies Romance: The Puppy Love between D.W. and James (aardvark and rabbit) and Sarah and Liam (aardvark and bear), as well as the marriage between Mr. Ratburn and Paige Turner (rat and rabbit).
  • Made Out to Be a Jerkass: In the "D.W.'s Big Hit" arc, D.W. punches Dennis in the face in retaliation for him bullying her new classmate Mallory Quackenbush for being a duck and is treated as the bad girl by her teacher, classmates and Mr. Read for it. Sounds familiar...
  • Multiple Demographic Appeal: The author has stated that the webcomic is going for this and that if it were a TV show like the original Arthur, it would be the kind that both kids and their parents/guardians can appreciate on its own merits.
  • O.C. Stand-in:
    • D.W.'s elementary school teacher, Rocco Dilliday, is the unnamed background crocodile character from the show.
    • Dennis, The Bully of D.W.'s elementary school, was mentioned in the book D.W.'s Guide to Perfect Manners as a boy who wet his pants in class but never actually appeared, allowing the author to come up with his own characterization and design for him from scratch.
  • Original Character: D.W.'s new classmate Mallory Quackenbush, as well as her twin sisters Valerie and Sara-Lee.note 
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Averted. D.W. punching Dennis for bullying Mallory is treated as wrong on her part by her classmates, teacher, and parents, and she gets grounded for it despite believing Dennis deserved it, just like Arthur did in the show for punching D.W. after she broke his model airplane.
  • Pitbull Dates Puppy: As of the end of the "Play-Date" Story Arc, D.W. and James are implied to have gone through a Relationship Upgrade. So we have a spunky Little Miss Snarker romantically involved with a Shrinking Violet.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: In-Universe; in the "Shipshape" strip, Arthur tries to come up with one for himself and Molly after learning that they have Shippers on Deck.
  • Pun-Based Title: Several of the strip titles, in true Arthur fashion.
  • Puppy Love: D.W. and James and, much more unexpectedly, Liam and Sarah. Lucy is also shown to have a one-sided crush on Bud Compson.
  • Relationship Upgrade: D.W. and James seem to have gone through this at the end of the "Play-Date" Story Arc.
  • Security Cling: In the "Out of Hand" strip, James apparently grabbed D.W.'s hands while they were watching a scary movie at the cinema. Not that she minds, of course...
  • School Play: The premise of the "Play-Date" Story Arc. D.W.'s school is holding a play of Sleeping Beauty with Lisa playing the titular character and James playing the prince, much to D.W.'s dismay.
  • Ship Tease:
    • This continues between D.W. and James from the original series. Both of them have crushes on each other, but neither of them has the courage to admit it to the other. As of the end of the "Play-Date" Story Arc, while they still haven't directly admitted it to one another, it is implied they now understand exactly how they feel about one another and have had a Relationship Upgrade.
    • Arthur and Molly (who also happen to be the siblings of D.W. and James, respectively...) get some of this as well, though not as overly. In the "Shipshape" strip, Arthur tries to come up with a Portmanteau Couple Name for the two of them after learning they have Shippers on Deck, and a much later strip has D.W. tease Arthur for his apparent crush on Molly.
  • Story Arc: While the comic is mostly a gag-per-day one, it does have a few of these, such as "Slumber Party Manic", "D.W.'s Big Hit", and "Play-Date".
  • Time Skip: The comic takes place four years after Arthur.
  • Twice Shy: D.W. and James are crushing on one another, but neither one has the courage to admit it to the other. At the end of the "Play-Date" arc, while neither of them still has yet to directly admit it, it is implied that they now understand the feelings they have for one another.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: D.W. is generally not as bratty at eight years old as she was as a four-year-old and gets along with Arthur much better, although she does display a few shades of being a Creepy Child.
  • Unrequited Love: Lucy has a crush on Bud Compson, but he doesn't seem to return her feelings.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension: Or rather, Unresolved Puppy Love Tension between D.W. and James. D.W. clearly has a crush on James, but it is unclear whether James reciprocates until the end of the "Play-Date" Story Arc.
  • You Monster!: D.W. gets called a monster by Lisa in "Slumber Party Manic - Part 4". She says she prefers the term "humanity deficient".