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The boy... the Legend... the... Poo? Really? Well, however the story goes, superfroggy guides you through a retelling of a classic using his own creative force to spruce up the world of EarthBound.

EarthBound Legends (full title: EarthBound Legends (Oh, And Poo)) is a Sprite Comic parody of EarthBound. It more-or-less follows the main storyline of the game, as Ness is woken up by a meteor and is launched into a bizarre adventure involving Psychic Powers and incompetent alien adversaries. Will he be able to find his other allies around the world and save the earth?


At only thirteen episodes at the time of this writingnote , the comic is still in its infancy, but the author would like to reassure you that the comic will not die unless he does. (Unfortunately, the author had a Flip-Flop of God, but what's there is still there.)

For an even better retelling of EarthBound, see The Chosen Four.

EarthBound Legends provides examples of:


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