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Dumm Comics was a site hosting comics, most of which comes from animators in the cartoon industry. Each day of the week is set for a certain comic which updates on that day. The comics are all mostly comedic and cover many genres (from Fantasy to Superhero to Sci-fi) though the level of humor varies from safely chuckle worthy to NSFW.

The site's domain expired in April of 2022.

Comics with their own trope pages:

  • Frog Raccoon Strawberry: A comic by Kyle Carrozza and John Berry about a raccoon who wears a frog suit and fights crime. Read it here.

  • Harpy Gee: By Brianne Drouhard, about an Elf who wanders into an odd kingdom and starts living her life there. Read it here.

  • Skadi: By Katie Rice and Luke Cormican about a female barbarian banished from her clan and her furry slave/sidekick who are on a quest to eat all the beasts in the world. Read it here.

Comics without pages:

  • 1930 Nightmare Theater: By Ricky Garduno. Features the misadventures of a dog and his lady-like friend in the style of 30s cartoons... only with a lot of black humor.
  • Big Pants Mouse: Previous comic by Gabe Swarr about a packrat with magic pants and his misadventures with them.
  • Earthward Ho: A comic by Fred Osmond about an alien-obsessed boy abducted from his home and his adventure in space while trying to find a way back home.
  • The Eternally Injured Ninja: By Robert Iza, about a ninja and his friends' misadventures in their strange world.
  • Jumpin' Jack Jerboa: By Fungasm, a comic done in 1930s style cartoon about a guy who winds up tangled in mob business.
  • Life In The Analog Age: A semi-autobiography comic by Gabe Swarr about his perspective of growing up in the 80s, albeit all the characters as anthropomorphic beings. Starting June 4 2013, the comic was converted completely into weekly animated YouTube videos.
  • Mech Lab: By Aaron Horvath about a robot lab and the scientist who observes the three robots within.
  • Our Heroes: By Chris Garrison, a comic about a cat from another dimension who comes to Earth's to find aid in stopping a supervillain.
  • Rad Raz: By Jack Cusumno about a imp-ish being who's head of and runs a rather amoral corporate business.
  • Rumpus McSnivel: By Boleander Yergabick. A comic about the most disgusting person ever.
  • Sorry Guyz: A comic by David Gemmil about random animals and some rather black humor.
  • Taboose: A comic by John Balsley about animals and their (very M-Rated) hijinks. A colored off-shoot of his Balsley Comics series.
  • Through The Porthole: By Sean Szeles about a lonely fisherman out at seas.
  • Wicked Wickle: By Luke Cormican and Tegu Kaitenn about a goblin trying to be the evilest goblin ever, helped along by the spirit of a demon who unwittingly bonded to him,
  • Zoo Laffs: By Chris Garrison. A collection of short stories featuring a rotating list of animal characters.

The comics have the following tropes (in alphabetical order)

All Comics

  • Crossover: A few of the guest strips have characters from other comics on the site meet each other.
  • Guest Strip: They often have other authors of fellows Dumm Comics draw one of these. Authors of comics not on the site contribute as well.

1930 Nightmare Theater

  • Author Avatar: A small Ricky would sometimes appear in the comic. Other times, Kimbo or Vespula would take this role.
  • No Ending: Ricky announced he was going to make one, but after three delays, he just up and said the comic was over while apologizing to the readers.
  • They Killed Kenny Again: A lot of recurring characters get killed in the comic, including Kimbo (especially Kimbo) but are always back to normal in the next comic.

Big Pants Mouse

Earthward Ho!

  • Bad Boss: Pea Zoup, one misstep around him and you're as good as dead.
  • Bittersweet Ending: In the final confrontation, Pea Zoup kills Fiz as foretold by his ghost self. Sam manages to kill Pea Zoup with the yo-yo he found earlier and, proclaiming he rather not have met Fiz then let him die by his hands, uses his face-making abilities to go back in time to before he was abducted. As Sam's mother calls him inside for dinner earlier, Fiz ship's flies by unnoticed, preventing the comics events from happening.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Started off fairly slapstick but the latter half of the comic got dark quick.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Sam's face making abilities and the yo-yo he picks up earlier.
  • Tomato Surprise: Pea Zoup is really a future Sam who was corrupted and mutated by the devastation of Earth after Fiz and he manage to finally find it. Sam turned evil from the grief, killed Fiz (who is the ghost that accompanied the boys in their journey), and became one of the feared entities of the universe.

Jumpin' Jack Jerboa

Life In The Analog Age

  • Art Shift: Some of the comics are animated with voiceovers.
  • Author Avatar: Was a given considering it's based off the author's childhood .

Mech Lab

Our Heroes

  • Cats Are Mean: Averted though Fritter really seems intent on asking one specific person for help (on a whim from seeing her picture on the net) and brushing off anyone else. He can also be quite rude and pushy if only in a naive short of way.
  • Late to the Party: And after such a nice fanfare too.
  • Lions and Tigers and Humans... Oh, My!
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: When the comic does a role call of the heroes and their powers, the cat (finally named here as Fritter) just gets a short caption.
  • Never My Fault: Fritter passes the buck onto another teammate for messing up the mission because of a radio malfunction that blew their cover when he was already spotted first by the big bad. In truth it was a combination of both and just bad timing for everyone.
  • Start My Own: Elke Decker, the person Fritter's looking for, used to be part of a superhero group called Uber Force. By the time the main character goes looking for her she's quit the group and started her own, Crime Patrol.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Fritter is apparently lactose intolerant as it messes with his powers if he has anything milk related. He fails to mention this to the team before heading out on their mission..after they come from getting ice cream. It is a bit justified though as in his dimension they don't have cows.

Rad Raz

Rumpus McSnivel

  • The Pig-Pen: Rumpus pretty much never heard of hygiene.
  • Short-Runner: The shortest run of the comics with only eight strips.

Sorry Guyz

  • Canada, Eh?: The little dolphin man has a Canadian counterpart, but he's only shown up once.
  • Title Drop: Sometimes said by a character in the comic or at the end of the comic itself.


  • The Hyena: The appropriately titled "Hyena Hijinks" story.

The Eternally Injured Ninja

Through The Porthole

  • Art Shift: At one point, the comic is done in a live-action style.

Wicked Wickle

  • Eats Babies: Both the wiseman and Wickle who keeps a jar of pickled baby goblins on him.
  • Spirit Advisor: Trom, in fact he's one to anyone who come within contact of his remains (it's confusing)
  • Stern Chase: Both Trom and Wickle are being chased by Grigori, an angel who was keeping Trom on lockdown

Zoo Laffs

  • Anthology Comic: Yes, one on a site which is also an Anthology Comic. Odd, no?

Alternative Title(s): Life In The Analog Age