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Dead Duck is a webcomic by Jay P Fosgitt (Creator of later mini-series, Bodie Troll. As well as one of the artists for the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic comic).

It's begins when Death a.k.a J.P Yorick finds himself overloaded with work and getting too old to reap souls out in the field like he used to. So he appoints his janitor, Dead Duck, to take over for him. After a somewhat sucessful first stint, Duck is assigned a partner, Zombie Chick, to assist him. What follows is a rather morbid but charming tales of Duck as he tries to do his job though not without meeting difficulty. We also learn of his rather unusual backstory in the process.

At the current, Dead Duck has been put on hiatus for Jay to pursue other projects (In fact the comics posted up to 2013 were actually drawn as early as 2007). Jay has promised he'll return to it someday however. And he made good on that promise as in 2016, Jay revealed that the series will briefly return in comic book form in the aptly named Dead Duck and Zombie Chick Rising From the Grave.

Dead Duck has the following tropes