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Darkness Redeemed: Necromechanic is a suggestion game hosted on bay12 forums about a necromancer that dabbles in the more conventional science whilst performing acts of heroism and abject cruelty

The start is located here.

Darkness Redeemed: Necromechanic provides examples of:

  • Ascended Demon: Galar'nt the paladin wielder of "διάβολος φτερό note  and Leader of Dreams
  • Dark Is Not Evil: The entire premise of this game, from a pure hearted demon paladin to a young necromancer being determined to bring about great good in the world
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  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: The comparison has been made for posters Armok and The Froggy Ninja.
    Armok: So we have a female bandit, and mutate, and are willing to do evil stuff, and souls are usefull and foetuses would be intresting to experiement on...
    *One elaboration later.*
    Froggy: Can... can we just maybe... not be a gigantic asshole who grows evil babies with a artificial womb made from a real one and a steel machine powered by a horrible abomination of healing magic? Just this once?
  • Mad Doctor: Valerik. Half of our experimentations result in Body Horror. Once we ran over a lamia's tail and replaced it with a cloned version but her magic wouldn't work. What did we do? Shove a weird magic crystal we made from a cloned organ and her blood into the hole where it should go to see what would happen. It worked.
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  • Mad Scientist: Valerik up and down with a honorable mention to poster Armoknote  for most of the truly and horrifyingly genius ideas.
  • For Science!: Basically half of what Valerik does. examples include torturing and horribly mutating a compliant captive into a horrible monster that was then placed into a machine to harvest his blood and turning the other one into a illusionary, potentially mind controlling, stunningly beautiful super vampire
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: Valerik again, explaining how he is controlled by viewer commands. It's contagious.
    Honey "Sounds like I want nothing to do with those particular Voices."
    Valerik Too late. It's semi-contagious.
    Honey "Implying. Wait what?"
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You Inverted in that the suggesters are actually communicating with Valerik due to his mental trauma. He later developed the Abstract Orb which when implemented into various minions and devices either creates a link to our world such as the Googlepad or more commonly allows a Bay Watcher to take direct control of it.
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  • Screw Destiny: Basically Valerik's hobby admittedly with help from the suggesters. Daged sums up why this can be done pretty nicely in his explanation of why he can't tell the future in a straightforward manner.
    Daged: Funny you should mention that, It is actually more of a time-paradox-esque problem, rather than a mysterious force preventing me from doing it. basically, it is impossible because of threads of destiny tying everything together. I cannot tell you something that will directly and on it's own help you circumvent fate, because that would also sever the point of my appearance retroactively, which prevents shenanigans from happening, because they will have never happened. but if I told you something obfuscating and confusing, and as a result of your adventures you figured out what it meant, then you yourself can bypass it, and I will have only indirectly caused it. The same effect could be achieved by me putting a full summery of your travels in a box, and making it 'impossible' for you to open it, until you somehow opened it early, such things usually take place when the forces that govern your actions conflict with the force that governs your destiny... If you know what I am saying. *wink*

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