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Darastrix is the name of a webcomic involving anthro dragon people. Sadly, the comic has not been available to see for a couple of years, but it may return in the future.

The comic features a number of main characters. Whether they are flat or archetypal is really a matter of interpretation.

The main characters are:

Alex: The Passionate Sports Girl and clearly the most normal and sympathetic female of the bunch.


Hannah: The Straw Feminist who covers up to avoid male attention and has a hostile attitude.

Jen: Something of an Emo girl who befriends Jack.

Jack: The Everyman character.

Pyotre: A character who appears as a male version of a Rich Bitch, he may have some more depth to him.

Rose: The slutty female. How that sort of promiscuous behavior is taken by the Darastrix is unknown, but it is probably similar to humans; not a good thing in most cultures.

Skip: The hippie.

Sophy: The hot nerd.

Until the comic is restored, this page will necessarily be lacking in many details and much context. Also of note is that the Darastrix seem to have a more or less human culture, minus footwear.

Note that since the comic has been taken offline, it is hard to see it, but elements of the art can be seen at the creator's DA account:


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