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He is mighty as the pen
"In 1985, a 10 year old boy created a comic book greatly inspired by political and pop culture of the time. his story, an elite american military force fighting against an elite american terrorist force in a 14 issue series the forces of good and evil will battle it out in a huge orderly world."
Jim Sevins at the beginning of each episodes

DWEN is a independent 14 issue military comic book created by Tim Clark

The series is like Axe Cop meets G.I. Joe meets Rambo meets M.A.S.K. meets the politcal Iran Contra affair but the comic series is both written and illustrated by tim clark during 1985 in his 5th grade year in elementary school around math class who decades(circa 2011) later rediscover his series as an adult and remade it as a animated motion comic the first episode debut at June 14,2011 flagday

The story follows a brave military leader named DWEN who leads a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits to battle against a terrorist organization called the D.O.D lead by Zarring and Qwen who have been hellbent on destroying DWEN's there battles travel from California to Minasota, Russia, Antarctica and even outer space


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