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Cunning Fire is an Urban Fantasy webcomic created by Kaz Rowe. The story focuses on Akiva Stein, who has the ability to see spirits and the Spirit of Death- Azrael. After a run-in with the police for being at the scene of a murder, and subsequently being left there to her own devices, she has hit rock bottom and had enough of this supposed gift. It is here, at rock bottom, that she is confronted by members of Keter, a local coven of witches in Chicago. They need a Death witch to join their coven, and become their messenger in order to create the legendary Elixir of Life. Akiva accepts, and thus begins her journey into the fantastical and frightening world of spirits and witches.

Cunning Fire can be read on its official site or on Tapastic.

Cunning Fire contains examples of:

  • A Storm Is Coming: Stated by Bahram during his first appearance. A literal storm or something spookier? Who the hell knows.
  • Astral Projection: Much of the story takes place on the Astral plane, where the Elixir of Life can be created.
  • Back from the Dead: Baby Akiva's life is pardoned by Azrael.
  • Big Bad: Bahram is a constant, looming bad dude.
  • Queer Romance: Akiva and Darcy are stated as the eventual main gays.
  • The Dark Arts: Creating the Elixir of Life might not be such a good idea.
  • Call to Adventure: Akiva is called upon by Blair, Eden and Rio to join the Elixir quest.
  • Candlelit Ritual: "Blair just likes the ambiance."
  • Urban Fantasy: The story takes place in Chicago.