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The wonderful thing about images is they can be taken entirely out of context.

Cosmic Hero, originally planned as a video game, but then continued as a webcomic, was created by AceSpark (the hoster of Sprites-inc), which ran from 2004 to 2008 (even though it suffered from major Schedule Slip).

It tells the adventures of Jet, an average guy who suddenly finds himself involved in intragalactic issues due to finding a weird alien artifact he is forced to wear note . He must now join an army of intergalactic police officers (similar to Green Lantern), which mostly consists of furry people.

These series works as Alternate Universe of another webcomic hosted by AceSpark, Manga Gaga. As a matter of fact, the Fish Poop Dragon from this series is no other than an Evil Counterpart of Gagaman.

The first page is here (Not Safe for Work). In 2012, the site was hacked, but the comic was later archived here.


Provides examples of:

  • Art Evolution: The comic moves from black and white scribbles to block colour and finally ends with fully shaded pages.
  • Author Avatar: One of Jet's partners is no other than AceSpark. Evil Gagaman also fits somehow.


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