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Welcome to Chicago.

Your name is Tsoko. You wake up with a headache on a train car, and upon closer inspection, all you have with you is a pack of cigarettes, a lighter with your name written on it, and a mysterious pair of green shades. Worse still, it seems that Earth has become a barren wasteland while you were unconscious. Naturally, you venture outside to figure out what the hell happened...only to find that things are a lot more complicated than you previously thought.

Mutants, mute little sisters, Catholic guys, weird goatboys, and one crazy villainous sunuvabitch ensue.

The game, a original, enjoyed an impressive amount of success with its interesting characters and strangely dark and yet cartoonish atmosphere, despite the fact that it rose from the depths of obscurity. The completed game can be found here.


Oh crap, there's a second strain.

This work provides examples of:

  • Messianic Archetype: In a subversion, Grave becomes this after he dies. Tsoko gets the Messianic Archetype treatment as well, though with less obvious symbolism.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Verse. He's one of two important characters that doesn't die in the end.
  • Religious Bruiser: Grave is a grown man in Chicago, and also a major badass...who has never looked at porn, due to his strict Catholic upbringing.


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