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Cherry's Cure found here is about Cherry. Cherry is a domesticated human. Domesticated by vampires for food, they have a higher tolerance to blood loss, as well as a higher content of blood. They must do whatever a vampire tells them to do which is driven by a compulsive need. They are also immune to a vampire's venom, and therefore cannot be turned or numbed by a vampire's bite. They're not bred for intelligence, so some wind up dimwitted... Cherry can moments of brilliance, but is slow to read and form thoughts... we all just have to hope it's enough. She was owned by Black Wolf, a horrid vampire who delighted in causing her grief and pain whenever he could. She lived with him for years, gaining new scars of both kinds every day and night. At the start of the comic, she finds all of her anthro friends have gone feral and she has to work to save them before it's too late. Finished.


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