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Here comes the hurricane.

CAKE (the title is always capitalized) is a little-known Fan Web Comic that runs on The Duck as well as Deviantart. It the story of three siblings: Fudge Cakea, the middle child and typical act-first-ask-questions-later kid; Mix Cakea, the youngest and usually the bossiest of all three; and Batter Cakea, the intellectual eldest son. The trio go to school together with of many familiar characters from TV, manga and comics. Oh, and their hometown is set in Townsville and their school is anything but normal?

The author's IM RP session are the basis for this comic; it helps fuel the story. In a way, it's a Round Robin, since the author is helped by their fellow RPGers.

Not to be confused with the band Cake, or the TV series Cake.


CAKE provides examples of:

  • Half-Human Hybrid: Zilly, Bizzle, and Leaf all fit into this, their bee people after all. Not to menton Emily whose a cyborg and a half ghost