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Here comes the hurricane.

CAKE (the title is always capitalized) is a little-known Fan Web Comic that runs on The Duck as well as Deviantart. It the story of three siblings: Fudge Cakea, the middle child and typical act-first-ask-questions-later kid; Mix Cakea, the youngest and usually the bossiest of all three; and Batter Cakea, the intellectual eldest son. The trio go to school together with of many familiar characters from TV, manga and comics. Oh, and did I mention their hometown is set in Townsville and their school is anything but normal? Yeah...

The author's IM RP session are the basis for this comic; it helps fuel the story. In a way, it's a Round Robin, since the author is helped by their fellow RPGers.

Not to be confused with the band CAKE, or the TV series CAKE.


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