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"Their bid for freedom, ended in sex."

Definitely one of the most juvenile things ever posted on the Internet. Bumrape Island was originally a story called "Nightmare Island" that ran in the classic British comic book Commando. Sometime in the mid-00's however, someone posted this version online, in which whiteout and a ballpoint pen have been used to transform this generic World War II comic into one of the filthiest things in existence. Join our hero, the brave Australian soldier Bob, as he attempts evade both the "Baps", the "Wanks" and the sinister Major Kum and hopefully escape this nightmare island... of sex.

Link here. Oh, and it probably goes without saying, that all of this is very NSFW.


"Like that is it, troper. Wouldn't you like a nice little double-ended dildo?":

  • A Date with Rosie Palms: All over the place. When Bob escapes, he come across a Japanese soldier "giving himself a titwank"
    Bob: How did the guards handy-shandy Bruce, so quickly?
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Some very good ones include:
    Bob: Frews trying to get a wank, butt, knob, fuck, felch. Shootings too good for him, though...
    Nick: Willy, cunt, come, fuck, poo, vagina, bum. The baps beside his sleeping berth. That ought to convince the guys he's the one.
  • I Don't Like the Sound of That Place
  • Prison Rape: The whole premise of the "story".
  • Skewed Priorities:
    Mike Brady: You were right not to go with them, Rolf.
    Rolf Harris: Guess so, but I'd have given everything to beat dong.
    • And also:
      Narrator: The approaching U.S Marines heard the sound of gunfire. They reacted fast.
      Marine 1: It's a bush!
      Marine 2: Spread out and take our lovers up the bum!
  • Everyone Has Lots of Sex: Apparently, being stuck in a Japanese concentration camp, entailed about 10% forced labour and 90% gay sex.


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