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Left to right: Clara, Jake, Angela, Louis, Eric and Ronin

Bring Dice And Chips is a weekly webcomic about the gaming and personal lives of a group of tabletop roleplaying game players. It is featured weekly in's online newsletter. The humor comes from the conflict of the expectations of the characters, each of whom represents a different kind of role player:

  • Clara is the Game Master. She tries using the games to tell a good story, but her friends usually have other things in mind. Yet she is too shy to force things to go her way. She's also somewhat insecure, probably for not being as attractive as Angela. Recently she started a relationship with Louis, Erik's psychiatrist, a fact that has changed the strip's dynamics in unexpected ways.
  • Jake is a "Munchkin", a player who just wants to show off his mastery of all game mechanics and rules. He's also a Trekkie and kind of clueless about everything else.
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  • Angela is a LARPer who dabbles in tabletop, looking for more moments to perform. She plays a sexy priestess. Despite her looks and kinky attitude, she may be the most well-adjusted person in the group (at least compared to the rest.)
  • Erik is a fat geek who works at a tech support job he hates; roleplaying is his way to escape from reality. He actually has serious issues, enough that he assaulted his boss once and is under psychiatric counseling. He's gotten worse recently, apparently believing he's actually Thor. His shrink is now dating Clara.
  • "Ronin" is a mystery; no one knows his real name, and he likes it that way. He's "that guy," full of great ideas, but always scaring you just a little. Like Angela, he's more sane and nice than he seems.
  • Louis is Eric's shrink; he joined the group to watch over him after his arrest and "study" roleplayers. (it turns out he had done some roleplaying in his youth though.) Then he and Clara hit it together. So much so, that her suffering under the group's crazy antics have shaken him off his detached demeanor and now wants revenge on them! Cold, calculated revenge...

One noticeable thing about the comic is the recent art shift: it used to be made using a drag-and-drop art program called stripgenerator [1] but currently has an actual artist.

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