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Born Sexy Tomorrow is a sci-fi webcomic hosted by Tapas Media and created by the writer/artist duo VVBG (Very Very Bad Girls).

Blaze Galaxy, a reckless renegade spaceman rogue, lives by his own rules. Fighting, feasting, and f-uh, fostering human-alien relationships from planet to planet, he fears nothing...except commitment. His current mission: to save the human race from certain extinction (again). Just another Wednesday, really. Until he accidentally awakens J-450n, an (adorable) assassin cyborg created by a race of perverted aliens, whose prime objective is to eliminate human life. Only J-450n's been programmed to imprint upon the first living being that he sees...

Join Blaze Galaxy and J-450n as they pew pew their way through the galaxy, dancing in cantinas, warring with stars, battling galacticas, and fleeing from Blaze's crippling emotional problems at the speed of light. It's the adventure of a spacetime! In BORN SEXY TOMORROW.


  • Anti-Hero: Blaze is described as a hero, but not a good a person by many people. His commitment issues lead him to break the heart of anyone who ever falls for him, and his job as a mercenary, even if he mostly works in favor for humans, he often deals with criminal organizations.
  • Arm Cannon: Jason can turn his arm into a very big gun that can do more damage than Blaze's.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comment
  • Commitment Issues: A key trait of Blaze is that he is terrified of being in a committed relationship with anyone and has run and broken the heart of many in spectacular fashion. He left a man pregnant with his child behind after having a Freak Out over having a kid, dropped Jason with a friend when he started falling for him and Ivon described that he simply vanished from his life at one point.
  • Fanservice with a Smile:
    • At one point, Blaze visits a Hooters-like place where all the wait staff are Pretty Boys wearing skimpy outfit. The short shorts they use show their buttocks.
    • While working as a waiter, Jason puts on a French Maid Outfit and waits while wearing it. It gets him plenty of extra tips.
  • Fatal Flaw: Ivoire describes Blaze as having many of these, including his lust, recklessness, substance abuse, etc. He calls her out on the fact that if they were all fatal flaws, he would have been dead long ago.
  • Freak Out: Blaze has one that leads him to jump out of the third floor of a building, leave the planet and need to be brought back, while drunk, by Jason. The reaction was due to finding out he got a guy pregnant.
  • Interspecies Romance: Between Blaze and Ivon. Ivon is an alien and they dated for quite a while.
  • Knee Capping:
    • Ivory does this to Blaze when he and Jason are running away from her.
    • When Blaze realizes what Vicky put him through, he returns saying that he is going to take revenge by shooting him at some part of his body. They mutually agree and after some drinks, Blaze shoots Vicky in the knee, neither of whom are pleased.
  • Ladykiller in Love: Slowly, Blaze starts falling for Jason as he has to take care of him.
  • Mister Seahorse: Jason and Blaze visit and take vacation in a planet where human men can get pregnant. Blaze find this out by accidentally getting his company pregnant in that planet.
  • New Old Flame: Ivon, a former boyfriend of Blaze and his longest term relationship. Blaze runs to try to re-start his relationship with him after dropping Jason. After sleeping with him, Ivon quickly sees through this as Blaze looking for a distraction with him after abandoning Jason and is not pleased to realize that Blaze has changed nothing since their last time together.
  • Sex Bot: Implied to be part of the reason why the cyborgs like Jason were developed. They were made to look so cute and adorable to make humans drop their guard more easily around them, but also because the species that created them were considered huge perverts, and they were meant to imprint on some of them and also work for the pleasure of those they imprinted on.
  • Sex Slave: Jason is almost sold as one. It seems this kind of market is thriving in the galaxy and humans are highly sought after.
  • Stripperiffic: Jason's clothing more skin than fabric, and are open to reveal parts of his body such as his waist, shoulders, inner thigh, etc.