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Blood & Smoke is an ongoing black and white webcomic created by Paul Mitzkowski. It is heavily inspired by noir and uses a number of the tropes associated with the genre.

The story takes place in the fictional Newshade City, which is a corrupt town full of dirty cops and even dirtier politicians. It is about dedicated police detective John Carson, along with his partner Tom Hardigan, and his quest to, both, catch a brutal Serial Killer called The Heart Ripper and save Newshade from itself. Meanwhile, Carson's son John Carson Jr. (simply called Junior by his father) uses his skills as a hacker and amateur detective to start his own war against crime.


The comic can be read here.

Has been on hiatus since June 2017, though an announcement that the first volume was for sale was posted in January 2020.

Blood & Smoke provides examples of:


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