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The world is a pretty strange place. Some of us would like to keep it from getting worse. I'm Diana Nox. I seek out and get rid of strange phenomena so normal people can live their normal lives. This may sound weird, but I find that the quickest way to drain supernatural energy is, well... To fuck it out. That's why the others in my order call me... Black Hole.
— From the first comic page.

Black Hole is a webcomic created by Doctor Glasgow, author of Ennui GO!. Set within the universe of that comic, this one details the escapades of Diana Nox, a paranormal investigator who travels the country hunting down various otherworldly threats and drains their power through having sex with them. Yeah, it's that kind of webcomic.

It is currently hosted on ComicFury. Be warned; much like its predecessor, it is very NSFW but it is censored for the general public.

See the Ennui GO! characters page for more info on her and other characters.

Not to be confused with the 1995-2005 comic book limited series by Charles Burns. For real black holes, go here.


Black Hole provides examples of:

  • Chubby Chaser: The man the ghost possessed in the "Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good" arc reveals himself to be one; when the latter expresses doubt that he actually wants to have sex with her since she's fat, the former tells her otherwise.
    Man: Listen, I always say there are two kinds of guys out there. Guys into fat chicks, and liars.
  • Crossover: "Crisis on Two Comics" sets up a crossover between Black Hole and Doctor Glasgow's other webcomic Ennui GO!, in which Diana is recruited by Izzy and (grudgingly) Len to assist them in dealing with the Gardeners.
  • Crossover-Exclusive Villain: "Crisis on Two Comics" has the Gardeners, a sinister sex cult led by a female leader named Mother Rose, who desires to become a god.
  • Guy-on-Guy Is Hot: In the "Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good" arc, Diana comes across a man possessed by a ghost that's making him come on to men despite the fact the man himself isn't actually gay. It's revealed that the ghost in question was an anime fangirl who died from "con plague" complications before she ever got to lose her virginity. She wanted to experience sex for the first time before moving on to the afterlife. As to why she possessed this guy in particular...
    Man: If you wanted to fuck a guy, why'd you possess one?
    Ghost Girl: Yaoi is hot.
    Diana: I'm starting to get why you died a virgin, hun.
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  • Pinocchio Syndrome: The latest story, "Paizucchio", has Diana meet a deceased woodworker's grandson who inherited a living puppet woman, who was created to be his friend/playmate when he was much younger (as to how she looks older despite being a puppet, it's because the grandfather made her a new body every few years). The grandson contacted Diana to help remove Paizucchio's curse, where her breasts would grow whenever she lies. The puppet also desires to be a real girl and so does the grandson, who admits that he wants to marry her but can't since she is a puppet.
  • Pixellation: Like Ennui GO!, Black Hole is released to the public with genitals and female nipples covered by digital mosaics. You have to be a member of Doctor Glasgow's Patreon to get the comic uncensored.
  • Rescue Sex: After being saved by Petroleum Man in "Gratitude", Diana decides to repay him with sex. Of course, he more-or-less expected something more mundane (like getting a cup of coffee) but he isn't complaining.
  • Sex Magic: As mentioned in the Opening Narration, Diana uses tantric magic to take care of supernatural and paranormal problems, specifically through having sexual intercourse with them to drain away their energy.
  • Temporal Paradox: In the first comic story, Diana deals with a time-displaced caveman. After sending him back to his proper time, Diana inadvertently changes history due to teaching the caveman modern concepts of sexual relations and apparel (i.e. kissing, the missionary position and wearing lingerie) and him introducing those concepts to his mate.


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