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Bardsworth is a webcomic about the adventures of Mike Cosley, an Ordinary High-School Student who finds a portal to a fantasy world in his closet. He ends up going to college at the prestigious Bardsworth Academy to learn magic. A fun family-friendly webcomic.

Characters include:

  • Mike Cosley: Having been unpopular at his high school, Mike seeks to start a new life at Bardsworth. Cheerful and silly with a great love of cookies.
  • Fawn: A fairy who befriends Mike. Cheerful and at times temperamental.
  • Kris: Mike's roommate. A serious student and a bit of a loner.
  • Crystal: A laid back and playful elf girl who Mike begins dating.
  • Keira: A hyperactive bard student. She's also Crystal's roommate.
  • Professor Fitzpot Fizzlebottom: A powerful wizard and Bardsworth professor whose house is on the other side of Mike's closet. Takes responsibility for Mike by helping him get into Bardsworth.
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  • Francis: Fitzpot's friendly demon butler.
  • Danyel: Crystal's brother, who loves to prank Mike with various embarrassing spells.
  • Tammy: Mike's older sister.
  • Rayner: A former (and estranged) pupil of Fitzpot's, who was cast out of wizard society and who shows a particular interest in Mike.
  • Raven: One of Fawn's sisters, and The Eeyore of the family.

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