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Axis Mundi is a animated series webcomic conceived by ChaosChampion, written by SpiriTsunami, and illustrated by...well, we're still working on that part.

The basic plot is thus: Five Boston-area teenagers must protect both their own world and the Realms of Fiction from those that would seek to bend them to self-serving ends. To travel between realms, they must first locate keys–specific places or objects attuned to a single location within the Realms. Within the Realms of Fiction, the surface makes for rough living, due to individuals such as The Memester, a techno-magical harlequin who seeks to protect fading memes, and Aratuz, Chieftain of the Amantites, a group of savage demons fueled by the passion of rabid shippers. Meanwhile, many citizens of the Realms have moved into the great hollow within their world, forming a hollow-spanning ecumenopolis known as Axis Mundi, "The Axis of the World."


Preliminary scripts will be available on SpiriTsunami's fictionpress account.

This series has a character sheet—although right now, that's about all it has.

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