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Rooming with two old friends seemed like a good idea at the time, but Nase quickly discovered that his laidback lifestyle clashed with the daily shenanigans that happen on Floor 5 at 115 Green Lane.

Around The Block is a Slice of Life webcomic drawn by Nase, written by Gata, and co-written/edited by Niv. It focuses on the (admittedly rather crazy) daily antics of Nase and his fellow residents of the apartment complex on 115 Green Lane. The main characters are Nase, Gata and Niv, and they are surrounded by a supporting cast of characters like Dregan, Haru and Tim.


Around The Block differs from most Slice of Life comics in that none of the cast actually lives close to one another. However, they are all friends on Skype and a lot of the material presented in the comic comes from the conversations they have with one another. Most of the characters' personalities are also taken up to eleven from the people they're based off of.

It is hosted on Smackjeeves, and can be found here.


Around The Block contains examples of: