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Webcomic / Animals Have Problems Too

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Above: An animal with a problem.

Animals Have Problems Too was a gag-per-day Webcomic drawn by Zach VandeZande. As you may have guessed, it featured animals that had problems. Well, sometimes there were animals, but without problems. And sometimes there were problems, but no animals. A few times, there weren't any animals or problems. But mostly it featured animals that had problems. Too.

The comic lasted from 2005 to 2007 when a mix of real life and interest in new projects came into play and VandeZande called it quits.


Animals Have Problems Too featured these tropes:

  • Alt Text: Each comic had an additional note in the text; sometimes a joke, sometimes a random thought.
  • Filler Strips: Remember those previously mentioned comics without animals or problems?
  • Shown Their Work: Many of the suggestions for animals and/or problems came from fans, so if someone suggested an obscure animal VandeZande hadn't heard of, he would research the animal and draw it to the best of his ability.
  • Strip Archive: The 400+ comics Zach drew, along with a few guest comics, are all available for your viewing pleasure.
  • Take That!: Some more subtle than others, but one of the more obvious were the comics featuring Herbert the Oversized Dog, a three-for-one shot at Howard Huge, Marmaduke and Garfield.
  • Webcomic Print Collection: Legitimate Art, which, like many webcomic collections, featured bonus material not found on the website.