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"Adrenaline Shots" is a horror & sci-fi anthology webcomic created by Danny Richard (writer) and various artists. The on-going webcomics which feature are currently "Beastly" (a cryptozoology adventure comic), "Saturday Night Séance" (a horror comedy), "Age of Yokai" (Sci-Fi military action) and "Danny's Weird and Wonderful Webcomic Reviews" (Film & TV Reviews). There is also the eponymous comic strip "Adrenaline Shots", which follows Danny's capture by the vampire / dominatrix / nurse Mistress Morphine (she's a triple threat, literally!) where she forces him into various acts, (including but not limited to writing comics), and his numerous attempts to escape.

All of the titles are available for free at and also on webcomic platforms like Tapastic and Line Webtoon.

Recommended for mature readers.