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I mean, here you are, at a rally for the expressed purpose of denying your fellow citizens their equal rights, and all of a sudden these people show up. And they're just standing there, in front of you. And they actually have the nerve to disagree with you. Who could have seen that coming? I can only imagine the deep and enduring anguish of being confronted by people who don't share your "views".
— From I'm sorry, NOM.

Zinnia Jones is a social/political commentary Internet show, written and hosted by the titular Zinnia Jones and distributed through her YouTube channel. Zinnia usually speaks about issues that connect to religion, politics and homophobia, but one of those three is enough and sometimes entirely different issues pop up as well.

Has examples of

  • God Is Flawed: One episode portrays God as a victim of peer pressure, with horrible consequences such as going along with barbaric cultural patterns until Jesus came along.
  • Ignorant of Their Own Ignorance: In the episode "Filling in each other's blanks: The importance of listening", Zinnia discuss the concepts of "known unknowns" versus "unknown unknowns". With "known unknowns", we are least know what kind of answer we are looking for. That something is an unknown unknown, however, means that we are even ignorant of our own ignorance. Zinnia argues that we should always listen to people's experiences: If nothing else, it can still alert us to questions we didn't yet know we needed an answer for.
  • Not So Different: The episode "Gay-Hating Atheists" points out that atheists can be just as narrow-minded (and with less reason for being so) then their religious counterparts.
  • Reverse Cerebus Syndrome: The serious elements were there from the beginning, but the attitude that gives the show its comedy value was added later. It started out as a regular video blog, without any style and with a very unrefined theme.


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