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"Oh, look at the cute little Bishounen boy knocking on the glass. I wish I knew what he was saying."
Captain Aizen Ayanami, 07-Ghost Abridged

With at least four episodes released and many "tag videos" (a Youtube phenomena, in which you state in a video five random facts about yourself, and then tag five other Youtube users to do the same), 07-Ghost Abridged was created for hbi2k's PassGAS contest. For more info, check out the Abridged Series Wiki here.

Credits for 07-Ghost Abridged featured here:
Opening Theme: "Sakura Kiss"/Kawabe Chieko (episode 1 only), "Phenomenon"/Thousand Foot Krutch
Script: CanadianJutsu, MidnightDevont
Editing: MidnightDevont
Mixing Assistance: Semisoma1, Zeromaster
Cast: CanadianJutsu, FullmetalChao, LadyAbhorsen, MidnightDevont, Scarlotte, Vivimage2000, WhipOfAlchemy


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