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"Hi, I'm Matt! And this is Will It Soft Serve?, and today I'm trying..."
"I'll be putting everything except Ice Cream through the soft serve machine!"

Will It Soft Serve? is a Web Video Series produced by The Technical Difficulties member Matt Gray. It is an episodic series where once per episode, Matt puts in an unusual foodstuff in an ice cream machine, and see if it makes for good ice cream. Hilarity Ensues.

And while Matt has created soft serve variants of things no reasonable human being, Nothing is off limits to the series, be it sweet or savory; Mayonnaise, Hummus, HP Sauce ...Neapolitian Ice Cream.

Compare with Will It Blend?, a similar series used to sell a line of blenders.

There hasn't been an episode since October 2020, and Matt revealed the fate of the series here on March 27th, 2021, in that he found it boring and that the machine will be sold or binned, therefore making the series officially cancelled after 31 videos.


Let's find out!

  • Cordon Bleugh Chef: Matt knows how to operate the machine as intended. The point of the series is to invoke this trope to see what disgusting (or surprisingly nice) foodstuffs he can make into ice cream.
  • Does Not Like Spam: Naturally all the times the machine makes something so vile Matt never wants to eat it again. Gravy and HP sauce comes to mind.
  • Fake Food: Averted. The food shown at the end of the video when the title cards come up is (very quickly) recorded in isolation for the end of the video's credits, and not some alternative. Some of the soft served foodstuffs don't survive very long or come out wrong when exiting the machine, and it's reflected as such.
  • Food Porn: Even some of the disgusting results can look good enough to eat. Judging by Matt's reaction to a lot of them; you really shouldn't.
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  • Gross-Out Show: Logically, this is what the show is aiming for to some degree. Baked beans is a good example.
  • Mess on a Plate: Food that didn't come out of the soft serve machine count as this, such as Wine or Irish Cream Liqueur.
  • Shaped Like Itself: Neapolitian Ice Cream put through a soft serve machine still tastes like ice cream, go figure Matt.


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