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He puts the comic in comic books.-A lame attempt at a Catchphrase

Way Or No Way is a Video Review Show which focuses primarily on Comic Books. Created by and starring Jeff Gwinnup, Writrzblok (Formerly Write Of Way in early episodes) riffs on comics regardless of quality. Some are a bit out there while others are absolutely horrendous (One Moment in Time, Holy Terror...). Whenever he is under attack by various enemies (as is somehow a law in shows like this) he is aided sometimes by his Green Lantern Ring, a wooden paddle of as yet undisclosed origin, and dry sardonic wit. He's also a contributor to Reviewers Unknown, RosenHacker, Manic Expression. and (just recently added) RTGomer Productions

Feel free to check out his blip page: OR, since Blip will be closing his account on June 30, 2013; check out his new page at Dailymotion! OR check out his Youtube page!