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When you subscribe to WatchMojo dot com, you get top ten lists on...Spaceships! Explosions! Heartbreaking death! Hilarious death! Deaths you didn't see coming! Theme parks! Good robots! Evil robots! Robots that die and make you sad. Skyscrapers! Junk food! The most quotable movies! Evil aliens! Sexy aliens! Sexy, alien robots! Zombies zombies zombies! All of the video games. Rock stars! Pop stars! Fast cars! Fake cars that are totally cool! Lists of fruit, 'cause why not? Stupid comic book characters you never, ever heard of! More Batman than you can possibly imagine! And that's just the top tens.
— Introductory video on their YouTube Channel

WatchMojo is a website and YouTube channel that is based around making Top 10 Lists ranging from many categories such as film, video games, television, and music. They make videos every single day, with some videos suggested by users from their website. The channel has over fourteen million subscribers. WatchMojo also has a sister channel called MsMojo, which is mostly intended for a female audience, and MojoPlays, which is for video gamers.


This channel provides examples of: