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"I'm Viga and I love comics!"

Viga Loves Comics is a web show that reviews and talks about indie and underground comics. Viga Gadson, the mohawked indie chick created this show because "it didn't exist." Acording to "Rule 21 of Viga: If something I want doesn’t exist, make it." she made this. Her main inspirations are the styles of Nostalgia Chick and Linkara, so she's yet another person doing videos because of the TGWTG trend. Though not many of those people have ended up marrying one of their inspirations, unlike Viga who is married to Linkara.


It's a newer show, but already has a sister show in Viga Studies Comics where she talks about the art of comics in an educational way.

She hosts a webshow called Idols of Anime and married to Lewis Lovhaug of Atop the Fourth Wall.


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