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Undertale Genocide the Musical is a musical adaptation of the Genocide Route of Undertale created by LemonLight Productions, run by Josh Kynaston. It contains 33 songs, some straight adaptations of Genocide songs, with others being either variations on existing songs or original ones that have the same motifs.

All of the musical's songs can be found here, though the full musical has yet to be released. According to Word of God, the full production will be released in 4 episodes.


No relation to Man on the Internet's production.

Undertale Genocide the Musical contains examples of the following tropes

  • Adaptational Badass: Mettaton given Power of NEO.
  • Dark Reprise: Several—Your Best Friend in the form of "My Best Friend", and Memory, Heartbreak, and Bonetroussle all get one in the form of "[Memory, Heartbreak, Bonetroussle] Reprise"
  • Filk Song: Every song by default.
  • The Musical: Obviously.

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