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Troom Troom is a popular YouTube channel that features D.I.Y. projects, crafts, and 'pranks'.

The channel debuted in October 2015 as a seemingly normal place to find videos on how to do fun crafts. It kept this model for the next year or so. Then, sometime in early 2017, more actresses began being featured on the channel and it morphed into a bizarre combination of prank videos, strange D.I.Y's, and life hacks.

Many viewers of the channel note the strange, disquieting nature of the videos, the fact that most of their activities that they label 'pranks' don't really qualify as such, and that the actresses never talk. It has been under debate if Troom Troom is an honest attempt at a craft channel by foreigners, an abstract work of Surreal Humor lampooning and parodying many popular prank and life hack videos, or something more sinister.


The identity of the creator of the channel remains unknown. All attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful and they have denied all interview requests.

View the channel here.

Troom Troom's videos contain examples of:

  • Butt-Monkey: The stock boyfriend character, "Mickey" (really just one of the actresses in men's clothes), is usually the target of the more extreme pranks by his girlfriend, "Sweetie".
  • Captain Obvious: The narrator is usually quick to point out facts the audience surely already knows by sight, such as this when the Blue Eyed Girl is shown shivering:
    Narrator: "The Blue Eyed Girl is cold!"
  • Cringe Comedy: Some viewers watch the videos simply because they consider the content so terrible, obvious, and unintentionally funny that they can't look away.
  • Humiliation Conga: Redhead in "15 Pranks Gone Wrong". Every prank she attempts to pull on her friend ends up affecting her instead.
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  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Most of the women in the videos are only know by names that compliment their physical attributes, such as "The Blue-Eyed Girl", "Redhead", "Blondie", and "Curly Sue". Subverted with the teacher in the school videos, as she's known as "Ms. Smith".


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