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The Parappa is a German YouTube channel created by Parappa. He mostly reviews videogames and movies. What makes his reviews stand out from The Angry Video Game Nerd or The Nostalgia Critic is that he, just like That Long Haired Creepy Guy, doesn't use the whole Caustic Critic schtick, yet has still gained a lot of fans over the years. His shows are named "Classic Reviews" where he reviews classic games, "ABC-Serie" (translated: "ABC-Series") in which he reviews games by the alphabetical order, "Filmkiste" (translated: "Moviebox") in which he simply reviews movies.


You can watch his reviews here.

The Parappa provides examples of:

  • Catchphrase:
    • Opening Catchphrase: "Aloha."
    • Closing Catchphrase: "Until valerian."
  • Caustic Critic: Subverted: He's one of the few critic who manages to entertain the audience without acting Axe-Crazy. In his Kapt'n Blaubar review he even says that he feels bad for doing a negative review on this game since he wanted to like the game.


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