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In a fandom run by alpha geeks and hipsters, where can John Q. Public-Geek turn? To the Omega, once captured and tortured by persons unknown for sins against fandom, Omega has escaped and searches for justice...telling you exactly what they think on movies, books, games, and all the other things that make geeks what they are.

The Omega is the host of a Video Review Show called The Omega: Iteration 0: Sic Transit Mundus as well as short opinion pieces called This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things. Both can be found on her Blip channel, RT Gomer Productions, and she has her own website here. She is also the Real Life wife of Diamanda Hagan.


She's also a member of two podcasts: Lesbian Talk, with Real Life wife Diamanda Hagan, and Thespian Talk, with Holly Christine (former webmistress of TGWTG), The Cat (one of the hosts of Nerd to the Third Power, also on TGWTG), and Gomer the Ranting Thespian (of RT Gomer Productions). Both podcasts can be found at RT Gomer Productions, while Lesbian Talk can also be found on That Guy with the Glasses. Recently, she's added a new series to her retinue: What Went Right?, a look at the golden moments of 1980s children's TV programming.


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