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The Great Mistake of Dr. Miles is a Batman fan film, taking place in the Adam West and Burt Ward universe. It is meant as a test film for a web series. There is currently an indiegogo running to get funding for that series.


  • Adaptational Heroism: Dr. McShane, even though he did genuinely care about his daughter, maybe his son and possibly his two ex-wives, was a man of heavily questionable ethics and morals to say the least. Harvey Dent on multiple occasions has compared him to Dr. Mengele. He treats human ethics like a bad joke and you never quite know who's side he's on. Or what level he is willing to stoop to in order to get what he wants for that matter. Dr. Miles, however, seems to, so far, play by the rules and genuinely has Shauna's best interest at heart. Even though he did do something steep by calling Batman and Robin (and making Robin Shauna's bodyguard without telling either of them for that matter), he did it to protect who he loves and this troper is sure that there is no level a good parent won't go to to protect their child. Though depending on how Bane's backstory is portrayed in the upcoming series, this trope may possibly be lampshaded. He already seems to have a bone to pick with the doctor, and if you're familiar with Bane's canon backstory, it's pretty easy to point fingers at him.
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  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Both Dr. McShane and Shauna McShane are stereotypical Irish redheads, however Evan Miller and Dawn Smith/Madisyn Wright portray Dr. Miles and Shauna Miles respectively with dark hair.
  • Adaptation Name Change: Dr. Miles and his daughter Shauna were originally Dr. Mc Shane and Shauna Mc Shane. Wordof God says that their names were changed just because the fan film was for the 60s verse and that's what their names are in that continuity.
  • Adult Fear: Dr. Miles had to have had it after seeing that tape. The fact that he put up a Bat Signal over seeing it means he is genuinely fearful for his daughter's safety. Who could blame him? Just looking at the track records of Bane and the Joker apart from each other are scary enough to any civilian. There is absolutely nothing to predict what they're capable of as a combined force. Let's put this in perspective. A man who is known for literally breaking Batman is hellbent on laying grievous bodily harm to your only child and collaborating with someone who lives for chaos and is not above beating a 12 year old to death with a crowbar to accomplish it. There is no action at that point that is considered overreacting.
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  • Comically Missing the Point: Played Straight. In the film Dr. Miles shows to Batman and Robin, The Joker threatens to use Dr. Miles' resources against him to destroy Gotham (on a whim no less), Bane pretty much threatens to tear him a new one and the thing that has Batman's attention is the fact that Dr. Miles has a daughter. Dr. Miles even says, word for word, "Well, that's not why I showed you the video, but..."
  • Continuity Snarl: There's quite a few of them.
  • Invisible Parents: Shauna's mother is never seen or mentioned throughout the video. You could argue that because it was like 5 minutes long, there just wasn't any room to include her, but Jonathan Spencer and Dawn Smith never mentioned any plans to include her or even mention her in the web series during the discussion panel and screening of the film.
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  • Race Lift: Dr. McShane and Shauna McShane don't just get a name change. They go from being Irish to American.


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