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The Church of Blow is an obscure YouTube channel. It is, for the first series at least, the personal video blog of a bearded man with a Southern American accent about the church he is setting up because of a vision that came to him.

It is a light religious satire, similar to Edward Current's War on Atheism videos, with videos discussing when their Sabbath should be (Blow thinks that the Sabbath should be kept holy, but he doesn't really mind what day it is, so long as it isn't on Thursday because he has an evening cookery class), how they should be tolerant of other religions, and whether the church's symbol should be a smiley face or a mouse.


But then, slowly it all changes. Someone shows up wearing Cornelius' face. He has more visions, and disturbing ones. People get killed.

There was a second series, but that wasn't as good.

This Series provides examples of:


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