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Hm, looks like I'm fucked.

A Redub of the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon, as done by MW10T (short for Man With Ten Toes), recasting the already low-quality series with adult humor. Spiderdub is known for its surprisingly good production values and more or less re-cutting the original footage into a tangentially related storyline. Despite its source material, it's somewhat inappropriate for younger viewers.

The first episode can be seen here, and all following episodes have been uploaded to MW10T's second account, located here. Remastered (longer) versions of episodes 2-4 can be seen here.


Tropes associated with Spiderdub:

  • The Abridged Series
  • Affectionate Parody: Arguably a bit more venomous than a basic affectionate parody, but MW10T is an admitted comic book fan and everything is done with a tongue-in-cheek style.
  • Apocalypse How: Class X-4 at the end of Episode 11
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: More or less the entire point of the series.
    • In episode 9, Doc Ock has Spider-Man trapped for a sleepover. Doc Ock turns on the television. Spider-Man's opening jingle begins to play.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Everyone.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Ms. Branch.
  • Driven to Suicide: Following his divorce from his wife, Jameson begins to go insane with every sight of Spider-Man and considers killing himself. Ends up being played for laughs when he calls the police to threaten to do it, only for the cop on the other end to declare that he doesn't give a shit if he does.
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  • Early Installment Weirdness: Up until episode 5 or so, it was mostly non-sequitor comedy with hints of a plot. It started mixing story and humor more evenly afterwords.
  • Editing Works: Damn right it does.
  • Gag Dub
  • Gainax Ending: #15. Easily #15.
  • Just a Stupid Accent
  • Kids Prefer Boxes: Or in this case, The Rhino.
  • Lampshade Hanging
  • Larynx Dissonance
  • Mythology Gag: Spider-Man justifies burning the Green Goblin alive with the fact that he killed Gwen Stacy.
  • Off-Model: The show has many field days with the large amounts of animation errors in the original sseries. At one point, it's effectively used as a result of a character's time manipulation powers.
    Spider-Man: Something is wrong with my face!
  • Parody Commercial: When not being horrifying.
  • Smash Cut
  • Temporal Paradox: Happens in 11. No one notices the difference until #15, when Spiderman's time travel unravels the universe during the final showdown.
  • Unexplained Recovery: Spiderman/Peter Parker has died around six times.
    • At the end of #7, Ms. Branch's mutilated nigh-unidentifiable corpse is found dumped on the side of the road with the murder remaining unsolved. She's completely fine 30 seconds into #8.
  • Updated Re-release: Mike has taken to updating some of the Spiderdubs that don't really mesh as well with the newer ones.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy


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