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Some Grey Bloke is a YouTube channel written and animated by Mike Booth about Graham Murkett with voice-acting by Jeremiah MacDonald.

Tropes used by Some Grey Bloke:

  • Arbitrary Scepticism : Graham Murkett is somewhat... credulous... about each and every conspiracy theory. Then we get this:
    Spiderman - look at that (!) - [making a] Satanic Hand signal! Look, alright, I know Spiderman isn't real, okay? I know he's a fictional character, ... and I have made videos debunking the claims of the idiots who do believe that, because their supposed evidence is ridiculous!
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  • Brick Joke: also very common
  • Crossover: with charlieissocoollike
  • CureYourGays: parodied
  • Hikikomori: it is not entirely clear what Graham Murkett does for a living, but apparently he once had a family.
  • Irony: This series of videos uses a lot of the Socratic sort, highlighting the contradictions in others' arguments.
  • This Loser Is You : Something of the humour of the video comes from similarities between the title character and the target audience.


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