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Go To is a web show hosted by Brian Barczyk of BHB Reptiles, a reptile breeding facility in Michigan.

In each episode, Brian showcases the various breeding projects going on at BHB, with certain episodes focusing on specific subjects such as Corn Snakes, Ball Pythons, Boas, etc. Interspersed between the main event are various recurring segments, such as "Kal's Question of the Week", "Snake Myths" and "Featured Comment of the Week" as well as slapstick comedy sketches (usually featuring the BHB interns being bitten by their crankier charges). The sketches are done on a miniscule budget and vary from Actually Pretty Funny to So Bad, It's Good to just plain bad. Sometimes the focus shifts from BHB to reptile expos, zoos and wildlife presentations to mix up the formula. The episodes are usually around ten minutes long.

Initially the show was planned for something like 10 episodes, but has proved so popular that they've continued to post new episodes weekly since 2008, and there are now over 200 episodes.

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  • Fluffy Tamer: Brian borders on this sometimes, especialluy around his beloved albino Burmese Python, "Sunshine", (who is actually pretty tame.)
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Corn Snakes and Ball Pythons make particularly good pets because they're placid, small, colourful and low maintenance, and also adorable.


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