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Reclaiming the skull

Shaun is the youtube channel belonging to Shaun, a leftist who specializes in debunking right wing and reactionaries talking points through a combination or heavy research and minimalist presentation style.

The channel initially began as Shaun and Jen, and featured Shaun and his friend Jen playing through various video games. During the end of 2016, real life circumstances led to Jen stepping back from the channel, and Shaun started to release videos similar to the style for which the channel would latter be known for. Eventually the channel was renamed to Shaun, while Shaun and Jen resumed their Lets Plays on Twitch.

At a time when other left wing youtubers like ContraPoints and H.Bomberguy were playing around with visual gags and characters, Shaun's video are fairly bare-bones in his approach - They involve Shaun reading his response to another video over a still image of the signature image of a skull wearing sunglasses, often superimposed with videos, articles and other images he uses to help make his point. Despite an approach that was almost the complete opposite of the other fast growing left tube channels at the time, Shaun has since seen a steady growth and is today one of the most popular channels in the genre due his deadpan sense of humor and the thorough nature of his videos.


Shaun's channel can be found here, where the Shaun and Jen twitch channel can be found here here.


Troups relating to Shaun

  • Breather Episode: Some of his videos deal with some very harsh topics, so he often tries to do a lighter video to make sure things don't become to bleak. For example The Truth about "The Truth about Wonder Woman" coming out directly coming out after his video Stefan Molyneux's Native American Genocide: A Response.
  • Capitalism Is Bad: As a self labeled socialist, Shaun holds this opinion. This comes up in several of his videos like How Prager U Lies to You and How Privatization Fails: Railways.
  • Cool Shades: His skull avatar.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Shaun's persona in his videos.
  • The Graph Shows the Trend: Parodied in How Prager U Lies to You, complete with his own parody
  • Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: One of his most common techniques is pointing out how statistics are often abused to spread mistruths.
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  • Non-Indicative Name: None of Shauns videos, but in ''How Prager U Lies To You," Shaun points out that the video "There is No Gender Wage Gap" admits there is a gender wage gap.
  • Super-Fun Happy Thing of Doom: In ''How Prager U Lies To You," tells the story of the rise of a powerful mega corp that uses its influence to increase its power at all cost. The name of this mega corp? Flower Corp.

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