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Massive profanity to ensue
Meet Joshua Seizmore and Colton Smith, AKA J0n and Bruc3. Two dudes who enjoy playing video games, and ranting profusely at them. In increasingly versatile versions of foul language.

A comedic YouTube Let's Play series of videos. J0n and Bruc3 seek out difficult and/or crappy games to play.

In 2017, the channel was renamed to The Superforge. With Bruc3 now going by Rusty, and J0n no longer actively involved with the channel.


  • Breakout Character: Bruc3, or Rusty as he's known now, shot to quite a popular place as part of the TGN YouTube channel.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: And S-bombs. And just about any other profane word that can be thought of. It'll get used a lot.
  • Let's Play: The general concept.
  • Mood Whiplash: The "Darker Side of the Disc" videos are devoid of humor or cursing of any kind, and focus on creepy/unsettling Easter eggs and characters.
  • No Indoor Voice: Came back to bite Bruc3, as the constant yelling damaged his throat.
  • Rage Quit: Neither J0n or Bruc3 has any qualms about quitting a game that pisses them off sufficiently.
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  • What Happened to the Mouse?: According to Rusty, his old video partner J0n became burned out by the YouTube system, and now works a regular job. He parted on friendly terms from the channel.


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