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"Heeelo! This is runforthecube!
-The intro to his reviews

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runforthecube is a Youtuber who opens products and reviews them. However, the thing that makes him unique is his weird way of speech. For example, sing is pronounced as "singe", his own username as "run for the cuubeee", and pet rat as "pete/peet rat". However, this is not all he does. For $5, you can have him say any word. For example, you can have him say it's the Nutshack (pronounced as itse de nuutshack), dicksoutforharambe (pronounced as dikes oyut for harambee), or it's time to duel (pronounced as itse timee to duell). The channel received alot of attention when h3h3productions checked out his channel. You can find his channel right here.


Tropees that describee runforthecubee

  • all lowercase letters: His username is this.
  • Funetik Aksent: YES.
  • Verbal Tic: Aside from the above trope, he also has a tendency to repeat every sentence he says once; he might be doing this to help his audience decode what he's saying.


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