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Rose and Rosie
"When you know yourself, it’s only yourself you have to answer to…for…to"
Rose Ellen Dix, THE TMI TAG[1]

Rose Ellen Dix is a YouTuber from Worcester, England who makes comedic vlogs, which frequently feature her girlfriend Fionkayy WIFE! Rosie Spaughton. She posted her first video in 2010, and as of September 2018, she has approximately 790,000 subscribers. Most of her videos consist of Rose and Rosie at home sitting on a sofa or a bed, talking into the camera without any script. What follows is a lot of nonsense stories, banter, ranting, digressions, fart jokes, toilet humour, sarcasm, sexual puns, funny facial expressions, dinosaur noises, smug faces and a lot of cutesy cutesy les fluff.

A youtube commenter once described Rose's humor as "FUNMANCE" Because it's FUNNY, ROMANCE. Yes, there is a lot of fluff in some of the videos, but Rose's natural comedic timing and facial expressions makes it into so much more than just any cute youtube couple.


RoseEllenDix has a very loyal fanbase on Youtube, Tumblr, and Twitter. People can get fairly obsessed in Rose and Rosie's take on their seemingly mundane life because they make it magical through their comedy and their love.

Recurring cast in their videos:Rosie's cat Flynn (Official Title: Flynnie FlooLoo Poo Poo Boobie Boobie), Rose's family cat Dexter (Dexter is fat, he's a fat fucking fuck he's a fat fuck he's fat... But I love him!), Rose and Rosie's dog Wilma Snow, Rose's best friend Emma Carlisle, Rosie's best friend Anna White, Rose's sister Laura Dix, Sexy Meg, Pillow Lady, Matthew McconaHeyHey, James McAvoy (Much To Rose's Jealousy)

Associated acts:What Wegan Did Next, Kaelyn And Lucy, Grace Helbig here, here and here., Hannah HartMamrie Hart, Miranda Sings here, Oli White, Shannon and Cammie (Now This is Living).


It's funny because her name is Dix and she is a lesbian.

Dix Tropes:

  • Adorkable: Rose and Rosie both, but especially Rose.
  • Ironic Name: Rose Ellen Dix. Need we say more?
  • Let's Play: They have recently embarked upon the world of gaming videos with their "Let's Play Games" series.
  • Like an Old Married Couple: Rose and Rosie. A lot of bickering, insults, and calling each other fat. But it's all just for the laughs, and never serious. Otherwise, they wouldn't put it on a video.
  • Official Couple: Rose and Rosie. That didn't stop shippers from making Grace Helbig fanfiction after their meetup in London. Their shipping name was hilariously Big Dix. The fan fiction was taken down after Rosie said she didn't approve.
  • Running Gag: "When you know yourself..."
  • Signature Move: Rose's smug face.
  • Toilet Humour: There is A LOT of this in Rose Ellen Dix videos!

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