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An Abridged Series by a YouTube user named Hethrin based on the Redwall note  animated series. The series often parodies the many changes that were made in the show, as well as some tropes that appear in the books. Hethrin originally managed to create 8 episodes before YouTube deleted his account for some silly reason. Not to be outdone, Hethrin returned to YouTube under the new name of "Hethrinlives", and re-uploaded the series. The series became a Dead Fic for a while, but than in October 2012, Hethrin announced that he would be resuming the project, and that he was currently working on Episode 9.


But then Hethrin and The Abridged Series mysteriously disappeared from the Internet, apparently forever. This page was for a time the first result when you searched "Redwall the abridged series" on Google...

Untill September 30, 2012, when Hethrin returned to Youtube in glory! So far, the first three episodes have been re-uploaded.

As of March 26, 2015, Hethrin has once again vanished off the face of YouTube, taking his series with him.

On March of 2017 a youtube channel was created to upload saved episodes of the series and well as some of the extras. There is also a dropbox that has almost all the videos related to the series (with the exception of the second video of the Halfway Special)


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